The Highest Quality Mulch on the Market – Plus Tackifier!

For extra protection on difficult sites where slopes, soil conditions or weather call for extra erosion control ability.

All the advantages of our EcoFibre 100% wood fiber mulch, plus a high strength organic tackifier. Using EcoFibre™ Plus Tackifier ensures a smooth hydroseeding operation.

  • " "Pre-blended, evenly dispersed, no extra bags
  • Consistent, high-quality mixture
  • No irritating tackifier dust clouds
  • Quick dispersion in water
  • Blends smoothly with seed and fertilizer
  • Extra lubricity to the mixture, prevents clogging

Field tests consistently confirm that tackifiers perform better with wood mulch. The long fibers of EcoFibre™ Plus Tackifier mesh together interlocking to one another and to the soil. While the tackifier improves the holding power, there's no risk of a paper-mache effect.

An environmentally superior product, our mulch protects soil and enhances seed germination then decomposes over time to carbon dioxide, water and organic matter to further aid in plant development.