Introducing Improved EcoFlex HP

Check out its High Performance (HP) erosion control and environmental safety.

When you’re looking for erosion control and vegetation establishment, Profile’s EcoSeries: EcoFlex™ HP, EcoAegis®, EcoMatrix™, EcoFibre™+ Tackifier, EcoFibre®, and EcoBlend™ feature Thermally Refined® wood fibers, 100% recycled wood chips processed in a pressurized vessel for better performance and value.

Our EcoSeries protects soil slopes with:

  • Better soil contact
  • Maximum matting ability
  • More coverage with less product
  • Greater moisture-holding capacity

Choose a one step hydraulic application for fast, even coverage with minimal soil disturbance.

From backyards to national forests, from fairways to green spaces and everything in between, EcoSeries is the superior choice for every soil.